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      AB Coafing
      • AB Coafing
      • Product specifications
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      • details
      • Main Features:

        AB coating is a 2-set surface treatment agent for rubber cot which is developed by advanced technology in the company.it can improve cot surface activities,and anti-static property.So the cot has good performance like lapping resistant,Therefore,the cot application range is wide,lifetime is longer,andstability is much improved.


        1.Application range:The rubber cots coated by AB Coating could be used in spinning of cotton,T/C,chemical fibers,wool,sild,ramie,etc.The cots are suiatable for processes of sliver lap,drawing,combing,separating,roving and spinning.

        2.Ratio:The normal ratio of Set A to Set B is 1:3(weight ratio〕.Adjustment could also be done according to different seasons,different spun materials,and absorption properties of rubber cots to the coating.

        Main points for Coating:

        1.Coating method:By plate or brush.

        2.Selection:Brush coating for the cot'hardness≤78°〔(Shore〕,while sponge or plate coating for the hardness>78°(Shore〕

        3.The cots' surface must keep clean after grinding before coating.

        4.The coating should be done by 2 times,the second time should be done more than 1 hour after the first time.

        5.The coating room should keep dry,clean and airing.

        6.After finishing for coating,the different hardness of cots should not be put confused.The coated cots could normally be used in 48 hours after coating.

        7.After coating operationm,the brushing tools should be cleaned by B Set.

        8.The bottles should be closed tightly in time to avoid invalid by contacting with air.

        9.Coating should be made up in a small quantity each time.

        Poinits for Attention:

        1.Brushing tools should be ready on the hand,which could be in application soon after the mixing lf A£BSets.

        2.The mixing operation should be done in the coating room and A Set should be fully stirred with BSet in mixing.The operations of mixing and coating should be done in a short time.

        3.The bottles of coating agent should be stored properly.Lts shelf time is about 1 year undr the room temperature of 20℃

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