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      Spindle tape
      • Spindle tape
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          • product name:Spindle tape
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      • Spindle tape:

        The spindle tape from the company is of high strength,high transmission efficiency,low extension,less fiber sticking,energy saving,anti static,no driving slip.which result in a stable running of the spindles.Also,the tape is resistant to oil and most chemicals,easy to be connected with smooth and firm joinings.

        Spindle tapes from the company reach the data as follow:

        Tensile Strength≥650N/mm;Tensile yield≤40%

        Guide to Spindle Tape:

        1.Put one drop of the adhesive agent on tape ends,and coat it immediately using something like ruler.

        2.The electric voltage of the joining machine is 220V,temperature of the heat plate is 110-120°.When connecting,keep the 2 tape ends straight.The connect direction is as per the arrow on the tape .The pressure is 40N/cm,and the pressing time is 3 minutes each time .The tape tension on frames should be adjusted to the middle place,avoiding fricxtions each other,which make spindle tapes running stably and smoothly with less vibrations and longer lifetime.


        1.Longer life     2.High productivity    3.No lateral movemen   4.Lower elongatin   5.Low Slip    6.Better yarn quality

        Compact Spinning Accessorle:

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